Winners Of 7th Nepal Human Rights International Film festival 2019

Best Nepali Woman-Filmmaker

Dolpa Diary
Director: Prasuna Dongol
Jury Remark: A young woman’s courageous decision to venture out on her own to learn about the people and places away from her comfort zone. A film that inspires all to take that magical step to explore and to learn.

Best Film (Fiction- International Competition)

Cargo (France)
Director: Karim Rahbani
Jury Remark: An exploration of multi-generational relationship during the time of displacement and strangers along the way. A craft full portrayal using various symbols.

Best Film (Non-Fiction International Competition)

Sisters For Sale (Australia)
Director: Ben Randall
Jury Remark: A detailed expose of various dimensions of human trafficking and a study of different elements of society and their involvement that includes the victim’s place of origin and their destination.

Best Film (Non-Fiction National Competition)

Tahara: Shelter
Director: Deepak Tolange
Jury Remark: An intimate ethnographic look at the life of a common family in a city and their fight for survival, which also represents lives of millions, who call this city Kathmandu their home.

Best Film (Fiction-National Competition)

Tattini: The Moon Is Bright Tonight
Director: Abinash Bikram Shah
Jury Remark: A painful examination of the tragic consequences and human cost brought about by foreign migration of workers from Nepal. A story hauntingly told using the finest cinematic techniques by the storyteller.

Jury Special Mention

Sand Girl (Germany)
Director: Mark Michel
Jury Remark: A masterful and sensible film-making of a delicate issue. A strong film advocating for the rights to live a dignified life regardless of physical conditions.

Jury Award

3 Stolen Cameras (Sweden)
Director : Rafilm and Equipe Media
Jury Remarks: A courageous attempt of the filmmakers to expose inhumane atrocities of the state. A daring feat of film-making.