Terms and Conditions

Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival

Terms and Conditions of Entry



Festival                        The Festival conducted by NHRIFF in kathmandu Nepal

Film                                    Fiction and documentary

Filmmaker                        The person submitting the entry.

NHRIFF                        Human Rights Film Center

Regd No: 702/066/067

Anam Nagar, kathmandu


Human Rights Film            A Film of any genre premised on the concept that all people share a universal humanity that is inherently worthy of dignity and respect.

Rights             The rights granted to NHRIFF in clauses 1 and 2 of these terms and conditions.

T & C            These Terms and Conditions of Entry.

Works            Has the meaning given to it in the Nepal Copyright Act 2059 (2002)( and includes literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works (eg. Script, characters, sound recordings, sets in the Film).



The Festival

  1. The filmmaker grants to the NHRIFF a non exclusive limited license which permits NHRIFF to communicate the Film on screen to the public for the following purposes:
  2. As part of the 2017 Festival.
  3. At any other activity conducted or sponsored by the NHRIFF for a period of 24 month after the conclusion of the 2017 Festival.

These activities may include, but are not limited to.

  1. Schools program events
  2. Educational seminars
  • Fundraisers
  1. Community Outreach events
  2. Touring Festivals

The Filmmaker remains the Owner of the Film.

Promotion and Marketing

  1. The Filmmaker grants a continuing licence not limited by time to NHRIFF:

a . to use any extract, excerpt, part, clip, still image and/or sound recording from the film not exceeding three (3) minutes in length and/or to use the Filmmakers name, biography and likeness in any media for the purpose of promoting and marketing the Festival.

B “Promotion and Marketing” may include, but is not limited to :

  1. The production of trailers for the Festival.
  2. Festival programming and advertising.
  • Radio and television interviews.
  1. Uploading and screening extracts of the film on the NHRIFF website.
  2. Copying and distributing the film to Festival speakers, judges and the media for the purposes of Proview and review.
  3. NHRIFF may not do any of the following acts under the continuing license:

1         submit or provide the Film to third parties for broadcast purposes.

2 Generate revenue from the Film other then revenue from conducting the Festival and other activities as set out in cause 1 above



Ownership and Rights

  1. The Filmmaker gives the following warranties:
  2. The Filmmaker is 18 years of age or if not 18 years of age has provided signed parental consent to these T and C.
  3. The Filmmaker has legal authority to enter into this agreement and grant the Rights.
  4. There are no legal actions, claims, demands or proceedings against the Film or the Filmmaker in respect of the Film.
  5. The Filmmaker will not make any claim against NHRIFF in respect of the exercise of the Rights.
  6. The Filmmaker is the sole Owner of the underlying Works or has consent in writing from all the respective owners of the works in the film for the Filmmaker, the Filmmakers licensees and any person authorized by the Filmmaker, ( including NHRIFF), to do any or all of the following to their Works, reproduce exploit, convert between formals, edit, alter and/or reproduce the works in any manner or context.
  7. Without limiting clause 3.e. above, the Filmmaker is the sole owner of the copyright or has the relevant permission from the owner of the copyright, in any sound recordings used in the Film and music and lyrics reproduced in those sound recordings.
  8. All performers in the Film have unconditionally consented in writing to the use of their performances in the Film.
  9. Exercise of the Rights will not infringe any rights of any third party (including copyright): and to the extent that it does, the filmmaker has obtained written consent from each of such third parties.
  10. The Filmmaker will provide copies of any or all of the consents listed in this clause at any time if requested to do so by NHRIFF.

Moral Rights:

  1. The Filmmaker warrants that’s:
  2. The Filmmaker is the sole Owner of the moral rights in the film for the purposes of the Nepal copyright act 2059 (2002) or that the Filmmaker has obtained from each person who contributed any copyright material in or any performance to the film, a written consent for the Filmmaker, the Filmmakers licensees and any person authorized by the filmmaker, (including NHRIFF), to do any or all of the following to their contribution or performance: reproduce, exploit, convert between formats, edit, alter and/or reproduce the contribution or performance in any manner or context (Moral Rights Consents).
  3. The Filmmaker will provide copies of any or all of the Moral Rights Consents listed in this clause at any time if requested to do so by NHRIFF.


  1. The Filmmaker will submit the Film to NHRIFF on DVD or online screener and will ensure it has undergone all appropriate technical and quality checking prior to submission.
  2. NHRIFF will retain the copy of the film that the Filmmaker submits.
  3. Any Film submitted to NHRIFF is done so at the Filmmakers own risk.
  4. The Filmmaker is solely responsible for the content of the Film and agrees that the Film does not contain any content that may be construed as: libelous. Defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually, racially or ethically offensive, intimidating threatening, hateful, discriminatory or abusive.
  5. The NHRIFF reserve its rights to reject the Film for consideration as part of the Festival on any of the above grounds.
  6. Films submitted must have been made within 2 years of submission to the festival.




  1. The Filmmaker indemnifies and will keep indemnified NHRIFF against any claims made against NHRIFF in connection with the Film and associated rights.


Entire Agreement:

  1. The Filmmaker and NHRIFF agree that these T and C form the entire agreement in relation to the Film submitted by the filmmaker to NHRIFF.
  2. This agreement will be governed by the laws of Nepal.