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Panel Discussion On Portrayal of Women in Nepali Cinema


Deeya Maskye

Phulman Bal

Suchitra Shrestha

Bhumika  Shrestha


Dr. Sachin Ghimire


Film is the most effec­­­tive medium for socialization in the present world. Cinemas have direct impact not only on the behavior, lifestyle and customs but also on the interest, thinking, and emotions of the people. Characterization in the cinemas trains the audience about how to make concept, read biasness, see things through cinema etc. In other words, cinemas are not only the representatives of culture but also they helps as the effective tool for generating culture. Different countries have taken films as an approach towards developing a society. Cinemas are used to create awareness in the issues of women, children, marginalized communities, and different social issues in the society.

The annual program Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival always hosts a discussion about the effects of films in the rights of the community. In this context, “the portrayal of Women in Nepali Cinema” was the topic of discussion in 6th NHRIFF 2018. 

·         How women’s are treated in their role in Nepali films?

·         Importance of this role in the film

·         How the role of women characterized in the films?

·         Are there any lead roles for the women in cinema, if not why?

·         How their roles are treated in the society?

·         How the roles played by women in cinema affect on women empowerment, women rights and equality?

The discussion was a   great platform to all the participants. About more than 50 peoples take part directly in the discussion.