About Film Festival


It’s been a decade long journey. Since 2010, a regular film festival on human rights issues is itself an achievement. We are into 8th edition of the festival. Apart from two schedules in between sacrificed for the devastating earthquake of 2015, we have thrived ourselves towards the motive of defense of human rights in Nepal through cinema.

The agenda of human rights is a global issue endorsed by many countries around the world. Human rights include every aspect of economical, civil and political rights. The violation of human rights is still existent in the different parts of world. Nepal definitely had certain issues.

In Nepalese context, rights of women, Dalits, Madheshi community, indigenous peoples, children, are still the subject of human right assurance, which needs lots of advocacy and struggle. The freedom of speech and the press freedom are the issues none less.


Film as an audio visual mean is an effective medium to communicate information and awareness about human rights, peace and justice. These reflections have sought film makers and actors to illuminate the issues of human rights via films and assist in eradicating the violation from all around the country. NHRIFF focuses on human rights films and targets the audiences, who are involved in human rights defending and ensuring as watchdogs or duty bearers. The festival will be a Launch pad for the films made on the issues of human rights.

The film festival targets to contribute to make government agencies (local as well as central level) in Nepal and different stakeholders accountable towards HR violation issues as they could experience practices of handling HR violation cases from different countries. For international filmmakers who make film on human rights issues it would be a platform to showcase their work and get inspired form other fellow filmmakers’ works.


The theme of the festival is dedicated to cinematic works in the issue of Human Rights.


  • To bring the compelling voices of the authentic victims to the platform through
  • To motivate film maker to make films on human rights issues.
  • To educate civilians about their rights through films made on thematic issues.
  • To provide insight HR violation and abuses around the world for stakeholders.
  • To bring out hidden issues of Human Rights Violations
  • To bringing together film makers, HR Defenders and stakeholders for common
    understanding of HR issues.
  • To encourage HR defenders and film makers make films for HR education,
    advocacy for policy change issues.
  • To promote tourism through cultural exchange programs


  • Second longest running film festival in Nepal, on its 8th Edition
  • More than 45 hours of film screening
  • 70 plus Films on human right issues from around the world
  • Q & A after each screening
  • Panel discussions on human right issue and film
  • Master class in different aspects of film making
  • Idea pitch for documentary making and award
  • Live painting and photo exhibition on human rights
  • Participation of prominent world film personalities
  • Film professionals, students, academicians, HR defenders, stakeholders and
    representative of community at one place



Human Rights Film Center


Human Rights Film Network