7th Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival 2019


The agenda of human rights is a global issue endorsed by many countries around the world. Human rights include every aspect of economical, civil and political rights. The violation of human rights is still remaining in the different parts of world. In the context of Nepal, the human rights issues have rooted hardly from the beginning; the rights of women, rights to indigenous peoples, child rights, and freedom of speech to all the peoples, dalit rights, madhesi rights has not been addressed in reality beside are in the papers only. Since from the armed revolution in Nepal, the violence’s made by the Maoist and government of Nepal are still embedded in the minds of peoples of Nepal. These types of violations and the trauma rooted in different levels needs to be sorted out presently. Nepal has been gone through many transformations now. The country has successfully implemented the federal system with three levels of government; central, provincial and local level. This needs to address the historic and contemporary inequalities, discrimination and marginalization. The identity and inclusiveness issues will rise shortly to increase representation and participation which could be the major criteria for addressing human rights. Human Rights protection will constrain both the local level and central authorities which ultimately plays for the safe guard of the existing domination over the under privileged groups

Since the film as an audio visual mean is an effective medium to communicate information, awareness about human rights to create peace and justice in the society. The mainstream film industry is a lag in getting the films on breaking the human rights stories. Since, there is a lot gap between the mainstream film industry and human rights. Although there are few documentaries and short videos are made on the issue but films on the issues of human rights but it is still a hot topic for this generation of film makers. These reflections have sought film makers and actors to illuminate the issues of human rights via films and assist in eradicating the violation from all around the country.However, none of the festivals target a specific issue and audience as Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival (NHRIFF) does. NHRIFF focuses on human rights films and targets the audiences, who are involved in human rights defending and ensuring as watchdogs or duty bearers. The festival will be a Launchpad for the films made on the issues of human rights. Coming up to its 7th edition, NHRIFF has established itself as a forum for advocating human rights via films in the country. The voices of the people and the issues of human rights are not sufficiently raised through films in Nepal.  So, the project, ‘Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival’ will focus on those issues of human rights. The festival will be dedicated to the vulnerable communities who are historically backward in Nepal.

The film festival will contribute to make government agencies (local as well as central level) and different stakeholders accountable towards HR violation issues as they could experience practices of handling HR violation cases from different countries. They can gain knowledge about handling complex HR violation cases from experiences of other countries. Similarly, this festival could also be useful for the human rights organizations and civil society organizations for their advocacy works, as they can learn from the experiences of other countries and replicate the good practices into their advocacy work.


The Seventh Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival (NHRIFF) will be held during 4th -7th, April, 2019 in Kathmandu. Over 90 selected films from around the globe made on human rights issues will be screened during the festival. We have already received over 1000 films from about 92 countries, which are in the process of selection. The film screening will be held at two auditoriums in Kathmandu. All the screenings will be followed by discussion on the film with the filmmakers if available, and the human rights defenders including national human rights institutions.


To bring the compelling voices of the authentic victims to the platform through films and constrain for the protection of human rights to the local and central authorities

To motivate every single film maker to make films on human rights issues through sharing of the international platform

To educate people about their rights through films made on thematic issues and what is going on internationally

To provide insight for stakeholders on HR violation and abuse issues in the country through films made on HR issues in Nepal

To bring out hidden issues of Human Rights Violations

To bringing together film makers, HR Defenders and stakeholders for common understanding at different levels of government

To encourage HR defenders working on different issues to make films for HR education, advocacy for policy change, further research and monitoring